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Titled Offspring Samoyeds


Having been Samoyed fanciers since 1960 and we have produced many titled offspring. Here is a short list of our champions that we are so proud of:

Ch. Moonlighter's Hallmark
BIS/BISS Am/Can Ch. Moonlighter's Ima Bark Star TT
Ch Moonligher's Grandstander
Ch. Moonlighter's Ima Grand Kid
Ch. Sambushed Spoonful O'Sugar

Moonlighter's HallmarkCh. Moonlighter's Hallmark (D) - "Ike"

  • Ch. Karalot's Kit 'N Kaboodle (B)
  • Marjon's Velvet, Am. Ca. Cdx (B)
  • Ch. Moonlighter's Me Hallmark Too (D)
  • Ch. Moonlighter's Moonshine O'Berl (B)
  • Ch. Samtara's Spun Kola (B)
  • Ch. West Free's A Del-Ice-Star (B)
  • Ch. West Free's Chip A Way (D)
  • Ch. Wolf River's Star (D)
  • Wolf River's Willy County Fleet, CD (D)


Moonlighter's Ima Bark Star TTBIS/BISS Am/Can Ch. Moonlighter's Ima Bark Star TT - "Bark"

Bark Star was the epitome of type and could move with the best of them. More importantly, he had the ability to pass it on.

One of the VERY FEW Samoyeds to ever stand at the top as a winner and top producers, Bark's contributions to the breed are immeasurable as to type and temperament. Even four generations down, a "Bark Star smile" is easy to recognize.

A BIS winner, winner of a record FIVE American Specialties, multiple National Specialty Award of Merit winner, Top Producing Stud Dog (SQ, KR Gold Certificate) and, more importantly, his kids include therapy dogs, BIS winners, tournament winners, specialty winners, sled dogs, weight pullers, significantly more top winners and producers.

Below is a list of most of his titled get:

  • Ch Alishandy's Pretty Penny (B)
  • Can. Ch. Arnuk's Yosemite Sam (D)
  • Ch. Brydawns' Little Shamus (D)
  • Ch. Brydawn's Pied Piper (D)
  • Ch. Chino's Muska O'Moonlighter (D)
  • Ch. D.Z.'s Ima Angel Of The Star (B)
  • Ch. D.Z.'s Ima Durdee White Boy (D)
  • Ch. Danger Zone Ima Son Of A Gun (D)
  • Am/Can Ch. Desertsno's Mithril Star CD (D)
  • Fantumfrost's Aja CD (B)
  • Ch. Fantumfrost's Alliope (B)
  • Ch. Frostyacres I've Been Samkist (B)
  • Heavensent Princess UD (B)
  • Ch. Jubillie's Native Star (B)
  • Can. Ch. Katimavik's Bo Derek at Polobar (B)
  • Katimavik's Ice Princess 2nd Can. CD (B)
  • Can. Ch. Katimavik's Kanyak (D)
  • Can. Ch. Katimavik's Kayla (B)
  • Can. Ch. Katimavik's Kush Taka(D)
  • Can. Ch. Katimavik's Kyla (B)
  • Am/Can Ch. Katimavik's O-Mi-Kami (B)
  • Can. Ch. Katimavik's Sno-Q-Zeeta (B)
  • Can. Ch. Katimavik's Taz (D)
  • Ch. Kondako Bzy Brk O'Frostyacres (D)
  • Ch. Kondako's Show Biz (D) SA-6642
  • Am/Can Ch. Marchwood's Special Edition (D)
  • Ch. Mauyak's English Star of My Way (D)
  • Ch. Mauyak's Silver Eclipse (D)
  • Ch. Mithril's Icicle of Gim-Star (D)
  • Ch. Mithril's North Star CD (D)
  • Ch. Mithril's Star of Earendil CD (B)
  • Ch. Mithril's Star of Kheledzaram (B)
  • Ch. Moonlighter's Bet On A Star (B)
  • Ch. Moonlighter's Ima Spark O'Bark (B)
  • Am/Can Ch. Moonlighter's Ima Wescana Guy (D)
  • Ch. Moonlighters' West Free Spirit (B)
  • Ch. Nuvak's Rising Star (B)
  • Ch. Nuvak's Star Chaser (D)
  • Can. Ch. Polobar's Bad News Bear (B)
  • Ch. Samkist Kustom Maid (B)
  • Ch. Samkist Sno Secret O'Sundanz (B)
  • Ch. Samkist Super Bonanza (D)
  • Ch. Samkist's Ima Moonlighter (B)
  • Ch. Samkist's Touch of Class (D)
  • Ch. Sno-Trak's Moonlight Tyroo (B)
  • Ch. Snow-Mac Ima Riverview Star (B)
  • Am/Can Ch. Snow-Mac's Moonlight Serenade Am/Cam C.D.
  • Ch. Snowbear Ima Super Nova (B)
  • Ch. Snowshake Blak Bark V Samkist (D)
  • Ch. Sugarok Hollyhock CD (B)
  • Ch. Sugarok Kismet O'Frostyacres (B)
  • Ch. Sugarok's Ima Sugarbear (D)
  • Can. Ch. Wescana's Crystals Blu (B)
  • Can. Ch. Wescana's Lady Kamiak Am/Can CD (B)
  • Can. C h. Wescana's Shondari (D)
  • Wescana's Silk And Satin CD (B)
  • Ch. West Free Bet On Tuff Stuff (D)
  • Ch. West Free's Bet On A Star (B)
  • Winter Sun's Ima Cuddly Bear CD (B)
  • Ch. Winterway's Byt O'Bark (B)
  • Ch. Winterway's Storm O'Samlina (D)
  • Ch. Winterway's Wayward Wench (B)


Moonlighter's GrandstanderCh Moonligher's Grandstander - "Stanley"

  • Ch. Varykino's Russianrythm
  • Ch. Moonlighter's Rythmc Motion
  • Ch Windy Ridge Irresistible Imp
  • Ch Windy Ridge Sizzlin'chajita
  • Ch Moonlighter's Chief Splendor CD
  • Ch Moonlighter's Ima Grand Kid
  • Sno-Kiddin's Nickie Nicholas CD
  • Ch Sno-Kidin Dances With Wolves CDX
  • Northlite's Czarina Zhara CD
  • Ch Southland's Caleb
  • Ch Zvezda-Shalimar Navinka
  • Ch Zvezda-Shalimar Winks N Nods
  • Ch Orkdomain's Lightning Ridge
  • Ch Orkdomain's Evening In the Woodland
  • Ima Lightning Bold CDX AX MXJ NJP
  • Ch Sylvan's Skylark CD
  • Ch Sylvan's Avalanche CD NA NAJ
  • Frosty Lady Shalom Shari's CD
  • Shari Poetry N Motion Frosti NAJ OA
  • Cedarcreek's Zoe Borea OA OAJ
  • Ch Lightning' Sun 'N Rain
  • Ch Whytewynd's King of Currumpaw
  • Ch Wytewynd's
  • Ch Whytewynd's Dakota
  • Ch Whytewynd's Moonlight Serenade
  • Ch Moonlighter's Standin' Ovation CD
  • Ch Omega-Winterway SLTP Shontel
  • Ch Omega-Winterway Its Showtime PT
  • Ch Dreamquest's Dark Knight
  • Ch Moonlighter's Ima Eye Catcher
  • Ch Moonlighter's Iam Silva Wulf CD
  • Ch Moonlighter's Solid Gold Vision
  • Ch Moonlighter's Master Simba
  • Ch Jubillie's Nut'n Could Be Finer
  • Ch Jubillie's License To Thrill
  • Ch Trilogy's Chain Reaction
  • Ch Trilogy's Dixie Jewel
  • Ch Metak's Southern Drawl
  • Ch Moonlighter's Applause
  • Ch Metak's Cloud Dancer
  • Ch NW Greatwhite Tatonka
  • Ch Danica's Dbltake Doublemint
  • Ch Danica's Maid To Order
  • Ch Moonligyhter's Let T Games Begin
  • Moonlighter's Elegance On Ice MX MXJ
  • CH Moonlighter's Solid Gold Moment
  • Ch Moonlighter's Torch Bearer
  • Ch Moonlighter's Legacy of Samkist
  • Ch Moonlighter's Sharper Image
  • Am and Can Ch. Moonlighter's Leading Edge
  • Ch Holly 'N Moonlighter's Chole
  • Mexican, Latin American, International, World and Grand Champion Moonlighter's Barkley
  • International, Finnish, Swedish, Estonian Ch Funny Fabric Ima Spitfire
  • American, International AKC, UKC, CH Omega Winterway Showstopper, PT, JHD, HSAs, STDs and HCT


Moonlighter's Ima Grand KidCh. Moonlighter's Ima Grand Kid - "Kid"

  • Ch. Alever's Born to Cruise
  • Ch. Moonlighter's Glad All Over
  • Can Ch. Moonlighter's Hi Speed Chase
  • Ch. Moonlighter's Ima Almond Joy
  • Ch. Moonlighter's Jump for Joy, WS
  • Ch. Moonlighter's Lady Liberty
  • Ch. Moonlighter's Proudly We Hail
  • Ch. Moonlighter's Magic Dragon
  • Ch. Moonlighter's Uncle Sammy D'Chiosi
  • Am Can Ch. Samtara Striking Mithril Kid
  • Am Can UKC Ch Moonlighter SFX Star of Joy CGC, TDI


Sambushed Spoonful OSugarCh. Sambushed Spoonful O'Sugar (B) - "Spoonie"

  • Ch. Moonlighter's Grandstander (D)
  • Ch. Moonlighter's Silver Ghost (D)
  • Am/Can Ch. Sambushd Spoonin By Moonlite (D)
  • Am/Can Ch. Sambushed Broadway Baby (B)
  • Am/Can Ch. Sambushed Emily Elegance (B)
  • AM. Ca. SKU. CH. SFX Quantum Leap, CGC, TDI, HCT (D)


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